A simple Meditation to fill yourself with good energy

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The Power of Prana Kriya

Prana Kriya is a uniquely designed self-guided meditative technique which uses one’s breath to create good energy. This 14-minute technique involves 3 simple steps of meditative breathing designed by Sri Guru, which will fill you with abundant energy and a sense of fulfilment.


Designed by the Master

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Founder, Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Delhi

Sri Guru is the visionary Spiritual Master who is guiding thousands of seekers on their inner journeys through her intellectual brilliance and meditative grace. She has woven together simplistic science and right breathing techniques for the seekers of inner consciousness and meditative bliss. 

Get filled with energy

Often we feel drained out by the middle of the day. It's because we don't take enough life energy (Prana) within us. Learn the art of intaking Prana »

Invoke positivity

Feeling trapped in thoughts? Breathing right can have a significant impact on mind's activity. Practice Prana Kriya and elevate »

Feel fulfilled

Our desires keep sucking our energy and inner peace. Running to fulfil desires is nothing but a loop of suffering. Filling up with enough Prana gives us a deep sense of fulfilment instantly. Learn the technique »


“Prana is the medium of carrying consciousness in human body. When Prana increases then consciousness expands and unfolds inner bliss.”

—Sri Guru


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