Sri Guru

Brain of a Scientist. Heart of a Buddha.

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One second of actual plunge into Meditation puts together the effect of years of knowledge-collection. For within that one experience belongs the reason for all your knowledge.

—Sri Guru

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SRI GURU, founder of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, Delhi, is a mystic, a yogi and a visionary Spiritual Master who is guiding thousands of seekers on their inner journeys through her intellectual brilliance and meditative grace. From a strict and spontaneous Guru to a blissful and compassionate individual, she is often seen as an ideal human making every moment worth celebrating. Her life reminds that exploring the inner world or the yoga or any ritual in that matter, is not about some puzzling restrictions but of opening up to the immense possibilities that fill our lives with awakening passion and bliss.

Overcoming the traditional definitions and boundaries, SRI GURU talks about reclaiming our inner potential through a logical understanding of the yogic science. The true bliss, she believes, could be achieved through simplistic science and the right technique. Adhering to the idea, SRI GURU has spoken on wide range of Spiritual Texts, spanning from the Uttaradhyayan Sutra to the Bhagavad Gita, interpretations of which have been regarded as revolutionary and transformational by numerous societies. Her simplicity of explaining and a result-oriented path has put a mark across the world of Spirituality. Along with the spreading of right knowledge, the Master focuses equally on the need of Meditation, but only with a right technique.

After readying the seekers at SRM with intellectual receptivity, in 2015, SRI GURU revealed SwaRaj Kriya – a yogic meditation technique that is changing the lives of thousands of seekers exponentially. The Kriya has defined the traverse of a seeker’s journey through the path of Meditation with logic, science and intelligent discoveries that prevailed within the yogis since thousands of years.

As a realised Spiritual Guru, SRI GURU has revived the essence of the true Spirituality, connecting the dots between varying concepts and laws of the Universe and instilling back a path of clarity that could be followed by any human to experience That which Is. Fundamental!